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Caesarstone® Concetto® | Products | Aurivia | Granite, Marble, Quartz, Solid Surface Countertops | Toronto, Ontario

Caesarstone® Concetto®

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Concetto is a collection of extraordinary surfaces hand-made from
individually cut and bound semi-precious stones.
Sourced from all corners of the world, semi-precious stones radiate the
most vivid colors and breathtaking designs of all natural materials.
Now, in a unique blend of art, nature and technology, Concetto brings the
dazzling splendor and powerful energy of these stones to the surface.
Concetto’s easy-living characteristics are as strong as its beauty. Being extremely heat, stain and scratch resistant, the emphasis is on high quality and low maintenance.Some of the semi-precious stones in the Concetto Collection are breathtakingly translucent and can be backlit for added effect.

Concetto can be used for a variety of applications from floors, wall coverings, kitchen counters, and bathroom vanities to work surfaces and more.

Concetto is created in dimensions of 144 x 306cm and is produced with a thickness of 2.5cm.

Material: quartz - all colours are representational only
Thickness: 20 - 25mm, thickness may vary
Slab Dimensions: 118x56

Colours Available:
hematite 8580, 25mm
brown agate, 25mm
white quartz 8141, 25mm
light smokey quartz 8441, 25mm
ice quartz 8200, 25mm
dumortierite 8540, 25mm
picture jasper 8210, 25mm
gray agate 8311, 25mm
rose quartz 8410, 25mm
petrified wood, 25mm
apple jasper 8720, 25mm
petrified wood classic 8331, 25mm
blue agate 8531, 25mm
tiger eye 8630, 25mm
amethyst 8551, 25mm

Edges Available:

1" | FE