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Granite C & M

Product Care & Maintenance
Product FAQ


Daily & Long-Term Maintenance Recommendations

Granite is a natural products with unique characteristic variations such as grain, colour, particulates, fissures and pits. Every slab is different. Naturally occurring fissures are non-weakening marks that are filled with clear resin. Voids and geological beauty marks can also be seen and add to the beauty of the stone. Please bear in mind granite is porous material.

In order to maintain the surface of natural stone it requires regular cleaning. For daily maintenance a cleaner such as DuPont Daily Revitalizer (available at Aurivia), or METHOD Daily granite (available at Shoppers Drug Mart) is recommended. A small amount of mild dish soap and warm water may be used occasionally to clean, but surface must be rinsed and dried after. There may be permanent damage to the counter if oils, dish detergent, grease, acidic foods, harsh cleansers or chemicals and/or dirt accumulate. CLEAN these items up directly. If the counter is neglected it is possible that fading, blotching or staining may occur.

Water rings may also form, from water left to sit on the natural stone surface. Clean & wipe dry and allow time for the air to naturally dry the area.

Counters can scratch with improper use. Cutting Boards are strongly recommended and will help prolong the life of your knives too. Trivets are also recommended for use with items, hot pots and pans or small counter appliances that reach very high temperatures.

It is important to maintain your counter using appropriate products: DuPont’s Natural Stone Revitalizer is highly recommended and endorsed by DuPont.  Aurivia recommends natural stone surfaces are sealed at least once a year.  Counters with higher usage conditions and higher porosity may require more frequent and multiple applications.If you prefer not to apply sealant and not to worry about staining, ask us about DUPONT  STONETECH’S  15  YEAR RESIDENTIAL STAIN  PROTECTION WARRANTY.

Aurivia will not be responsible for any damages resulting from inherent characteristics of stone including staining, cracking, general wear &tear, neglect or abuse. See warranty for details.


The use of any chemical or abrasive materials for cleaning natural stone must be avoided. Harsh detergents, washing up liquid, household cleaners, furniture polish and/or solvents such as petrol, gasoline, white spirit or alcohol, should never be used on natural stone. While these products may initially give impressive results, their use will lead to a rapid deterioration of the stone.

Material: granite

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