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DuPont™ Corian® | Products | Aurivia | Granite, Marble, Quartz, Solid Surface Countertops | Toronto, Ontario

DuPont™ Corian®

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DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is one of the most versatile materials in the global market- place today. Consumers and professionals from all over the world are increasingly discovering that Corian® is a material with endless potential.

Corian® sinks are avilable in select colours and sizes. Please refer to the Sinks & Accessories section under PRODUCTS.

Material: acrylic - all colours are representational only,1/4 - 2.5lbs & 1/2 - 4.8lbs per sq ft
Thickness: 13mm, 20mm
Slab Dimensions: 30x144, 1/2x30x72, 1/4x30x98

Colours Available:
bisque (reggia)
glacier white (reggia)
rice paper, A6
venaro white, A6
vanilla, A4
cameo white, A4
white jasmine, A6
designer white, A6
abalone, A4
antarctica, A6
bone, A4
linen, A4
silver birch, A6
arrowroot, A8
ecru, A8
rain cloud, A8
fossil, A6
aurora, A4
sahara, A4
raffia, A6
jasmine, A8
witch hazel, A8
cottage lane, A6
mojave, A4
whisper, A6
clam shell, A8
sandalwood, A8
granola, A6
saffron, A8
arctic lime, illumination series, A8
sun, A6
arctic strawberry, illumination series, A8
sand, A4
canvas, A6
bethany, A6
tumbleweed, A8
acorn, A6
burled beach, A8
oat, A6
sandstone, A4
matterhorn, A6
fawn, A6
concrete, A6
sagebrush, A8
thyme, A8
doeskin, A6
tarragon, A4
suede, A6
sonora, A8
silverite, A6
silt, A4
serene sage, A6
basil, A8
rosemary, A8
platinum, A4
pine, A6
olivite, A6
natural gray, A8
arctic blueberry, illumination series, A8
verde, A8
moss, A4
maui, A4
hickory smoke, A8
aztec gold, A8
mandarin, A6
riviera, A6
adobe, A6
hot, A6
pompeii red, A6
cinnabar, A8
copperite, A6
arctic mint, illumination series, A8
juniper, A8
graphic blue, A6
flint, A4
dove, A6
cocoa brown, A6
grey fieldstone, A6
cobalt, A4
willow, A6
cilantro, A6
allspice, A8
tarragon, A4
canyon, A2
blue spice, A6
blue pebble, A6
azureite, A6
aqualite, A8
elderberry, A8
bronzite, A6
night sky, A6
shale, A6
mardi gras, A6
lava rock, A8
earth, A8
graylite, A8
nocturne, A6

Edges Available:

1" | FE

0.5" | FE