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Staron® | Products | Aurivia | Granite, Marble, Quartz, Solid Surface Countertops | Toronto, Ontario


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Samsung Staron® is specialized in solid surface and quartz surfacing materials. The combination of high technology and high design in these materials can turn any remodeling project into a fully-functional work of art. The wide range of products, colours and designs are seen in three integrated brands: Staron® Solid Surfaces, Staron® Tempest® and Radianz Quartz.

Material: acrylic - all colours are representational only
Thickness: 13mm
Slab Dimensions: 1/2x30x145, solids&sands 1/4x30x98

Colours Available:
zenith fz184, tempest
radiance (shimmer) fr148, tempest
whippoorwill fw145, tempest
talus sandbar ts345, talus
sanded white pepper wp410, sand
sanded tundra, sand
sanded sahara ss440, sand
sanded papyrus, sand
sanded noir sn485, sand
sanded mocha sm453, sand
sanded grey sg420, sand
sanded gold dust sg441, sand
sanded ginger sg431, sand
sanded clay, sand
sanded birch, sand
rattan fr124, tempest
quarry palisade qp245, quarry
quarry mesa qm242, quarry
quarry bluff qb244, quarry
prairie fp142, tempest
pebble tea rose, pebble
pebble sienna ps852, pebble
pebble seastar ps843, pebble
pebble saratoga ps820, pebble
pebble maize pm841, pebble
pebble gold pg840, pebble
pebble frost pf812, pebble
pebble fennel pf846, pebble
pebble ebony pe814, pebble
pebble copper pc851, pebble
pebble chiffon, pebble
pebble blue, pebble
pebble beach pb812, pebble
pebble aqua pa860, pebble
horizon th114, tempest
goldleaf fg144, tempest
confection fc116, tempest
caraway fc155, tempest
breccia rio grande br790, breccia
breccia bisque bb725, breccia
aspen sky as670, aspen
aspen putty, aspen
aspen pepper ap640, aspen
aspen mine am633 aspen
aspen jade aj662, aspen
aspen flax, aspen
aspen dark, aspen
pebble grey pg810, pebble
aspen snow as610, aspen
coffee bean fc158, tempest
shell fs115, tempest
sanded onyx so423, sand
glimmer fg144, tempest
sanded dark nebula dn421, sand
aspen milk , aspen
aspen brown ab632, aspen
sanded vermillion sv430, sand
sanded cream sm421, sand
pearl sp011, solid
ivory si040, solid
talus oyster to310, talus
bright white bw010, solid

Edges Available:

1" | FE

0.5" | FE