Your home is a vital part of your life. We want you to be satisfied with choices and options that will make this space everything you want it to be. The following steps delineate the typical process of a standard residential countertop installation.

  1. General questions on Aurivia products &/or process ( or

  2. Submit a perimeter drawing of your countertop(s) or cabinet layouts used to provide initial generic quote (

  3. Finalize all quote details including material, colour, edge, backsplash, appliances etc. (

  4. 50% deposit is required to office - credit card, cheque, cash, debit (

  5. Template scheduled within approximately 2 to 3 days of cabinet installation notice (

  6. Estimator reviews templated dimensions against initial drawing if any discrepancies (

  7. Balance paid to Aurivia office two days prior to installation - credit card, certified cheque, cash, debit (

  8. Installation within approximately 10 business days of template (