making your renovation dream a reality

Stone has been used for centuries as an embellishment. Its' beautiful colours have been utilized in prominent interiors and exteriors around the globe. Its outstanding beauty combined with durability, exceptional strength and longevity make it an ideal solution for your home.

Aurivia is a templator, fabricator & installer of countertops and other surfaces such as tables, cladding, sills and jambs. We carry both natural stone and manmade surfaces. Our standard offering is extensive and includes several product lines suitable for all your surfacing needs. Our collection includes granite, marble, exotic stones, quartz and solid surface materials.

We strive to create an environment that will keep you satisfied and ultimately make your countertop project successful.


Granite has been established as a prestige countertop due to its unique beauty and practical durability. Beautify your living space and become inspired with the gorgeous patterns, textures and tones inherent in natural granite. Aurivia carries many striking granite colours as standards that will make your renovation dreams a tangible reality. 


This material may be man-made, however 93% of the composition is natural quartz. Exceptional colours steal the show or can provide a homogenous colour scheme. Strictly manufactured, this non-porous, stain proof surface delivers form & function. Quartz materials have individual warranties as per respective manufacturers.


Of all the natural stones, marble may be the most aesthetically pleasing. Its striking colours and dramatic organic veining make it a visually outstanding material of choice. Aurivia has several standard colours. Although prone to etching, DuPont's 15 Year Transferable Warranty Program against staining from food & beverages makes this a clear contender.

Solid Surface

DuPont has made a brand name of Corian in the world of acrylic solid surface.  This flexible and versatile material offers creative license to aspiring decorators and experienced designers with a wide range of colours available in many hues. Aurivia also carries other solid surfaces including cultured marble as well as other acrylics.


making your renovation dream a reality

We want to provide you value and service; beautiful countertops, competitive pricing and quality surfaces delivered and installed in incredible turnaround times. 

Our founder Tony Galloro has been active in the surface industry since 1991. He is passionate about this business and people and providing you Canadian made products.

Aurivia provides cutting edge innovation in template, manufacture and install while providing hands on customer service.  Our team is dedicated to providing all our customers with quality surfaces that are installed and serviced to the highest standards.  Customer service is our priority.